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Gustavo Milan is a Brazilian filmmaker currently living in New York City where he attends the NYU Tisch Graduate Film Program. He began making films in 2014 after graduating from the French school of documentary Les Atelier Varan in Paris. His latest short film “Seiva Bruta/Under the Heavens" won the award for Best Latino Short Film from the Directors Guild of America and was shortliested at the 94th Academy Awards. In 2022 the movie was acquired by The New Yorker magazine and The Criterion Channel. Gustavo also received the Wasserman Award, NYU's top honor in recognition for outstanding directorial achievement.

Gustavo Milan é um cineasta brasileiro atualmente morando em Nova York, onde ele cursa o mestrado em filmmaking da New York University-Tisch School of the Arts. Gustavo começou a fazer filmes em 2014 depois de se formar na escola francesa de documentários Ateliers Varan, em Paris. O seu último filme "Seiva Bruta/ Under the Heavens" ganhou do Directors Guild of America  o prêmio de melhor curta metragem latino em 2019 e entrou na shortlist do 94th Academy Awards. Em 2022, o filme foi adquirido pela New Yorker magazine e pelo The Criterion Channel. Gustavo também recebeu o prêmio Wasserman Award, considerado o reconhecimento máximo da New York University no campo de direção cinematográfica.


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Inga Diev | Ouat Media



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